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It's a cool game, only issue I have is that the game told me my sin is pride. I can't accept it, please refine the quiz system thanks


Actually, this sounds exactly like someone whose sin is pride would say.... my bad

i started playing this game today and i had to follow the walkthrough cause i was stuck, im supposedto open the briefcase but the game isnt letting me?

It won't open on my mac either, which is to bad since the concept sounded awesome


can't seem to get the mac version to run on my new laptop! I downloaded the mac version in july on my old laptop and it ran fine. getting an app wont open error when i download direct to computer and an unable to download error when within app

This game used to have a Linux build before the update. Is it coming soon, or has Linux support been dropped?


Uploading the new linux build now (bug fixes)


Thanks! Downloading right now. :)


I noticed that was an update. I’ve played through the whole thing so what’s new?

Bug fixes :)

that’s always good

You can choose to have it full screen or windowed, but you can't change the resolution of the window, or resize it, so it's always full screen?


Everytime I start this game it opens a browser to their website.


That's a real good way to get me to hate your game and company.


^ Agreed!


Hey, I didn't understand what you're talking about at first until i just got a bug report today.

It's obviously not on puropse, it's a bug and it will be fixed today


Download won't open on my mac


Would really love to play this game but the apple file cannot be opened on my computer. Any fix for this? 


I really enjoy this game! Im sad tho, I got to room 2 of sloth and dropped the remote by the table to the right of the tv and speent 5 minutes trying to pick it up again, but had to give up T-T Really like the idea and atmosphere, tho!!!

I have a problem with the game crashing after i take the test to get a sin, while it's loading the room it crashes. I tried loading the room directly but it crashes too. I have the windows 64 ver, i uninstalled and installed it again and it's still the same

I'm having the exact same problem!


Arrows for movement and space to jump and e to pick up is strange, would love to use zqsd for movement. :P

Also, would love more hints. Couldn't find more than 2 symbols in the first room. :/


Hey, we got a community guide on steam if u get stuck :D


Good game, good rooms. Not a fan on being told an escape will adapt to me then it *not* doing that. 9/10 game. 

Will the full game be only coming to Steam or will it be on as well ?


The full game is coming only to steam in the 28th this month (for windows mac and linux)

Thank you for your response.

This was definitely neat! I'm still ashamed that the puzzle here stu mped me for as long as it did. I can't wait to see the full release!

I enjoyed playing this alot it was a cool concept for a thing that ive always wanted to do in real life but just gamified I still feel dumb tho..Like I shouldve found that last number waaaaay easier than that

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I love escape the room games but I think I took way to long for it :D but its a nice game

I am usually not very good at escape rooms but this one I got pretty easily!

My channel:

well it was just the demo :)

the full game will be difficult 

Would like to see this when its done.

Nice escape room ....Looking forward for the real deal .....Keep up

(apologize in advance English is my second language) hi, just wanted to leave some feed back, also, keep up the great job, the game has great potential for it to be  a good puzzle game!.cool concept with the quiz in beginning. i got sloth lol. aesthetically it looks nice , a simple room, i like  the ability that most of the items in the room could be interacted with. Didn't experience any glitches, it ran smoothly. i felt the puzzle was kinda short and easy, idk, just me, i had fun tryna solve it, but it was kinda short. again keep up the amazing work guys! thank you for taking the time to read my little review, i did a small play-through if anyone wants to check it out.

Really cool idea using a personality test to determine the puzzle someone experiences. I apparently was too prideful to actually look for clues and instead tried brute forcing the puzzle lol. Had a fun time and looking forward to the full release.

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Thank you for the demo. I found it a little short and lacking on the puzzles but I know it's just a demo and will (hopefully) be expanded on full release. I love escape rooms irl, so will keep an eye on this. Here is my playthrough on Twitch.

Super ready to go through all of the rooms.

Really enjoyed this game! Besides some stuttering issues and crashing, which might be because of obs, not too sure, it was pretty fun. My only suggestion is that a game, even a demo, needs subtitles if there's voice acting. I know there's already going to be in the full game, but maybe the demo could get a little update to include them. Anyways, can't wait for the full version! Hope you enjoy the video! 

Nice little puzzle game, 

though I solved the code without finding all the numbers haha

I'd suggest putting in some kind of thing to stop a player from doing that but it doesn't really take away. I look forward to the whole game!

Check your video :) 

around 8:27 - 8:28

you found all the code, you just didn't noticed it

It took me going through my footage for 5 more minutes to even find that! HOLY GIBLITS! GREAT GAME

 Do you have a date in mind for the  full release?


Still not yet, hopefully around 4-6 months 

I'll keep my eye out for it!

Hey! Awesome game, were you interested in working with a publisher to get help with marketing and pr? If so, I work for one and we're interested in working together. Feel free to reach out at 

The concept behind this was fascinating and a great hook. Obviously it still needs a lot more development, but I look forward to seeing it fully realized!

Thank you so much!

please consider adding the game to your wishlist on steam :)

This was a pretty cool little demo.  It has a long way to go, but I think that there are a lot of really interesting ideas in this game.  A strange and creepy voice really sets the mood for what is to come. 

Thank you :)

You are welcome! :)

Runs great on Linux :) A suggestion: add a controls setting where you can customize your preferred controls. I personally prefer crouching with CTRL, and I'm sure people with different keyboard layouts would like it too.

Ill be adding more settings for sure!

thank you for your comment!


I got Sloth. Seems legit.

Thank you for playing the game!

I laughed when u got the sloth sin twice :D


Very nice graphics, it looks like a game I will enjoy. But it stutters badly in my system. For a while it runs smoothly, then it stutters again. (Latest Manjaro KDE)

Thanks for the comment!

have you tried to lower the graphics ?

plus if you can provide us with your computer specs it will be much appreciated !

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Certainly!  I have a triple monitor setup and I run it along a full screen video on the second screen. If I run it with no other full screen apps running at the same time it seems to be running better but still not very smooth. 

OS: Manjaro 18.0.0-rc Illyria
    Kernel: x86_64 Linux 4.19.0-2-MANJARO
    Uptime: 25m
   Packages: 1223
   Shell: bash 4.4.23
    Resolution: 5120x1080
    DE: KDE 5.51.0 / Plasma 5.14.2
   WM: KWin
      WM Theme: Breeze
    GTK Theme: Breeze [GTK2/3]
   Icon Theme: breeze
   Font: Noto Sans Regular
  CPU: Intel Core i7-3770K @ 8x 3.9GHz [45.0°C]
GPU: GeForce GTX 970
  RAM: 2433MiB / 15980MiB


This is a great thought exercise. I can't wait to see the Pride room.

Thanks for playing!

Really excited for the updates.

Thank you im glad u liked it :)


This was a really fun brain teaser!!! Thank you for recommending it to me!!!

I had a lot of fun! Can't wait for the rest of it!

Thank you for checking out the game!

Well played! 


Nice game. I really enjoyed it.


watch video here:

Thank you :)

runs like molasses even at the lowest resolution and quality.

It may be a good idea to include less detailed versions of the objects used for less than state-of-the-art machines.

Can you please give us your computer specs?

We will look in to it :)

intel core 2 quad at 2.83GHz CPU,

Intel Q45/Q43 Express integrated video.

We just released an updated version, care to give it a try ?


works a lot better,

but there is a minor issue with interactivity:
the big closet door requires left-clicking to unlock, but I think it would be better if it requires right-clicking as that's the side you held the required object. (Or have it require the use of "E", as it's an interaction not an object pickup)

Thank you for your suggestion!

And im super happy the game works for you :)

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