A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

In the future, the full version will include - 

  • Random Map
  • Random Quests
  • Random Loot
  • Multiplayer & PvP

Welcome to Gehinnom

Gehinnom is a survival horror game, Face the demons from the depths of hell.

After years of treatment, you find yourself in a hospital bed, unable to keep fighting.
Once your body reaches the afterlife, you see the gates of heaven.
By a great amount of misfortune, you fall into the deeps of hell, aka Gehinnom.

In this game, every run is a new experience.
Your mission is to collect clues for the ritual, with those clues you will have a list of items to gather to perform the ritual.

  • Random Scares

Every run in Gehinnom is unique, with dynamic scares based on the player's location and actions.

  • Strategize & Win

There are a number of items you can use to your advantage, make sure to coordinate with your teammates for maximum efficiency.

  • Dynamic Objectives

Even though your goal is always to perform a ritual, the ritual location, items, and clues are all randomly generated.

  • An authentic sense of horror

It's dark, it's quiet, it's frightening. The feeling of uneasiness is the way of Gehinnom.
until it's too late - and then you die.

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Scary and enjoyable, great job

Hi, I downloaded this but when I try to open it I'm told "The application "Gehinnom" can't be opened. I'm not sure whether this is an error on my end, but I've had no problems with any other itch.io files (or any files) recently. I'm using mac, btw

Can you try via the steam download? search Gehinnom Demo on steam

I did find it on Steam but it says "this product is not compatible with macOS 10.15 Catalina or above," so it's looking like a lost cause. Thank you so much for replying, though


Amazing game! Very well made! 

Glad u liked it!

This was lots of fun to play!

Thank you :)

Brilliant execution! 👏

There are things you remember and there are things you can't forget - this game falls under that category - high quality design, well polished, great atmosphere, eerie setting and fun gameplay. 

The game is enjoyable at a certain extent. It has the amazing quality of being super open world and from the menu screen, I saw that the full game might feature multiplayer mode, which is perfect for this. As a single player, it definitely stands out, but lacks the content by giving the player too many options and time to wonder around the forest and gather items, which in the end made little sense to me. Yet, as I said, the basis for the game is fantastic. 

Can't wait to see the full release. Good luck with the development Chaos Minds 👍✌

Thanks for the feedback!