In Luciform, a family of mythical creatures has been captured by the Red-Eyed Gorilla. To regain their freedom, they pool their energy together to summon Luci – the one individual who can rescue them. Thanks to a unique gift, Luci has the ability to change colors at will!

The game demands quick reflexes and nerves of steel. Timing jumps with the utmost precision is a must; the alternative is ... not pretty. Those who’ve mastered Super Meat Boy and Celeste will find themselves right at home.

  • Play as Luci, a powerful mythical creature with the ability to change colors at will.
  • Traverse the forest while avoiding hazards and deadly falls.
  • Time each jump carefully … because you can never slow down!
  • You can only interact with the same colored platforms – so choose wisely.
  • Enjoy easy, straightforward controls.
  • Random & endless level with a leaderboard system.
  • Colorblind accessibility options.

Full version on steam

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Very good little fun game, with depth in simplicity :)